Quince Signals


Our Background

How We Got Here

Quince Signals is a partnership formed by two professional railwaymen - Ian Short and James Tyers. Both are signalmen but James also has a background of signal engineering in the heritage sector. In both cases railways are a hobby as well as a career. James built and manages his own signalbox at home, enabling he and his friends to practice the techniques he has to use at work, but the inclusion of a working electric token system led to the building of a 5" gauge railway to work with it. This led to James producing his own signals as those already on the market, although good, cost more than he wanted to pay.  Now that a range of products has been identified, you too can add signalling to your garden railway.  At present we only produce for 5" guage and our current range includes LNER (BR.ER) equipment. This is deliberate since GWR enthusiasts seem to be well catered for, and we can branch out to other regions in due course.

Our products are produced using 3d CAD design software, 3d printers and PETG filament which makes the products strong, waterproof and UV resistant. This means these products can be safely used outside.