Lever frame

Lever frame

A basic 4 lever frame (without interlocking). Can be made up to a maximum number of 12 levers at the current time. This may increase as time goes on. Includes catch handles, spring blocks, bearings, down rods etc. If lever plates are required, call or email to discuss your requirements. Please note there is a minimum production time on this product and this will vary. You will be advised at the time of purchase.

Dimensions of the lever frame are as follows:

4 lever frame 90mm wide, length 120mm

8 lever frame 90mm wide, length 215mm

12 lever frame 90mm wide, length 305mm

  • Lever colours

    Levers come in differnt colours and they have different meanings. The following colour code identifies which lever does what:

    Stop signals inc shunt signals and sub arms : RED

    Section signals locked by the block or token requiring a line clear release or token: RED WITH A WHITE STRIPE

    Distant signals: YELLOW

    Combined stop and distant signal: RED & YELLOW

    Points: BLACK

    Facing point locks: BLUE

    Combined facing point lock and point lever BLUE & BLACK

    Gate stops, gate releases and wicket locks: BROWN

    Ground frame releases and barrier releases : BLUE & BROWN

    Shunting Gongs : GREEN

    Direction levers: RED & BROWN

    Detonator levers: WHITE WITH CHEVRONS (up for up lines and down for down lines).

    Please adivse us on which colours you'd like on your frame when ordering .